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As most of you who follow our company already know, due to the economy, Better Outdoor has gone through some very challenging times over the last three years. We’ve had a couple of deals that have gone “right to the goalpost” and then for one reason or another have fallen-through. We continue to pursue good options and feel confident that with time and faith, the right deal will come along. Given our direct to end-user sales approach, Better Outdoor is uniquely positioned in the market. We deliver very good equipment at prices that are simply unbeatable and believe that we’re in “exactly the right place at the right time”. It’s simply a matter of finding an investor that shares our vision.

In the meantime- We are committed to the support of our existing customers and service parts are shipping daily as normal. Please order parts for your Quick™ mower via our website (Service parts are categorized in the LH column) and we’ll get them out as quickly as possible. Where “holes” exist in our inventory, we’ll do our best to provide alternate ways to get the parts needed to keep your machine up and running.

Answers for most common technical service questions are available through our “Service Tips” and “QuickFix™” video service tutorials (in the RH column). For tougher problems, please feel free to email us for more in-depth service assistance.

Better Outdoor Products was started in the time-honored traditions of real “old-school”, American Free Enterprise. With a spirit of honest competition, we’ve sought to deliver a better product for a lower price and at that we have been successful. Since day one we’ve believed that there can be no more efficient way to meet the needs of our customers than to take care of them ourselves. Now, with thousands of Quick™ owners around the World, the value of our business model has been validated and the benefits to our customers have been clearly demonstrated. It’s a system that works. It’s a better way.

To all of the many friends of Better Outdoor, I offer a sincere Thank You for your generous outpouring of love and support through what has been a pretty tough time. We will continue to pursue the opportunities before us and to watch for new ones as they emerge. At this moment, I have no idea of what our future may hold, but with God’s grace, I have complete faith and confidence that, whatever it is, it will be something good.

With kind regards,

Gary Patridge, Owner
Better Outdoor Products, LLC

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